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tAssertCatcher or tLogCatcher

I use TIS 3.2.3 (about to migrate to 5x) and I'm trying to identify the best way to handle errors. I don't see the main difference between tLogCatcher and tAssertCatcher.
I saw relationships between tDie, tWarn and tLogCatcher, as well as the one between assert and tAssertCatcher, but when a "null pointer exception" occurs or whatever, what is from your experience the way to handle them and what components should be used to be warned to correct the problem?
I noticed that when OnComponentError or OnSubjobError flows are used, both tLogCatcher and tAssertCatcher are inoperatives (or am I wrong?)
Thanks for your comments.
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Re: tAssertCatcher or tLogCatcher

Use tLogCatcher. Even if you use OnComponentError or OnSubjobError, tLogCatcher will be triggered as well if it's set to catch Java exceptions.
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Re: tAssertCatcher or tLogCatcher

OK, thanks, I'll use it.