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tAdvancedFileOutputXML Empty Element with namespace



I currently developing a job that extract data from a local MySQL database and then extract it to a XML file.


Some of the fields in the XML Tree of the tAdvancedFileOutputXML have a namespace associated and despite a have all the create attribute options unchecked it still write empty lines.


For example, 


<Identifier xmlns:type="urn:xmlns:nlSmiley Tongueop-project:vocab:IdentifierTypes#ORCID">0000-0003-2113-7922</Identifier>
<Identifier xmlns:type="urn:xmlns:nlSmiley Tongueop-project:vocab:IdentifierTypes#CienciaID"></Identifier>
<Identifier xmlns:type="urn:xmlns:nlSmiley Tongueop-project:vocab:IdentifierTypes#J">J003781</Identifier>


Has you can see the second identifier does not have any information.


It this a Talend limitation or am i doing something wrong?


Thank you.