tAS400 & FITCDC.SAVF missing

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tAS400 & FITCDC.SAVF missing


New to tdi, trying to follow the steps at Configuring CDC in AS/400 journal mode

But I am stuck at the step of FTPing the fitcdc.savf to the AS400. 

My issue is that the SAVF is not here...


The version I am using is "TOS_DI-20180411_1414-V7.0.1"

1) Where can I find the FITCDC.SAVF (google did not find it either)?
2) Where can I find the tAS400CDC component?


Re: tAS400 & FITCDC.SAVF missing


Talend CDC feature will be available in subscription solution not open source.

Please have a look at data integration products matrix page


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