suggest me for this ?

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suggest me for this ?


In this Screenshot DeviceID has a unique column and testdate also.  

DeviceID have "LAB1012PK2525" types of device. can i update my database with DeviceID at a time all. if yes what is the query ?


Actually my requirement is: i want to update my database by scheduling. my data (which is my real transition daily base) store in godaddy server and database which i want to update that is  stored in amazon.  how can i move data from godaddy to amazon ? Please provide me any answer regarding this.

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Re: suggest me for this ?

What type of database is on the GoDaddy server (e.g. MySQL, SQL Server, etc.)? And what type of database are you trying to update on Amazon?
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Re: suggest me for this ?

SQL Server in godaddy and amazon have also SQL Server both are Express Edition. 


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