statistics & traces error

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statistics & traces error

I'm building a talend job and I'm getting trouble with statistics. The process won't start when I turn it on. Maybe too many objects? I use about 8 tmaps, 9 mssql inputs, 8 mssql outputs and a bunch of tlogs. Without statistics/traces the job finishes smoothly.
The exact error I get is "Execution failed Smiley Surprisedrg.eclipse.core.internal.resources.ResourceException: Errors during build.
Problem occured with 3.1.3 java w 32bit/64bit and on different machines.
Anyway to get around this problem?

Thanks for any help and / or advices.

edit2: well i have a dozen bigger jobs that work fine, maybe too many lookups? nobody ever had that problem?
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Re: statistics & traces error

Too many MS SQL Out components to the same table seem to trigger the problem. At first statistics/traces won't work, then if you use more objects the whole job gets corrupted.