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soap to xml

I am using TOS 5.5.1 and I am trying to get data from WSDL service and create xml file
I put tSOAP component and connected to tfileoutputXML. I am getting a realy disturbing string in body tag 
"<ns2:GetWarningDeviceStatusHistoryResponse xmlns:ns2=""><return><id>1</id><timeStart>2014-09-30T13:32:19+02:00</timeStart><timeEnd>2014-10-15T13:28:01+02:00</timeEnd><warningDevice><type>TelegrafijaSirene</type><id>1</id><name>Sirena_Grasic_mobile</name><"

any suggestions on how to create a simple xml file for forward processing (transfering data into db)

Thank you

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Re: soap to xml

The body returns a XML string, you can use a tExtractXMLField to extract the data from SOAP message after tSOAP.
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