simplest SVN branch/merge walkthru

simplest SVN branch/merge walkthru

Say I have a working job talend job, "Load123". It is deployed to TAC and working.
I want to create a branch to add a new feature.
I create a branch called "Load123Feature1"
I change to that branch and make the changes I want. They get tested and I want to merge it to production.
How do I merge the modifications into the job, can I use the Studio or TAC GUI or do I use one of the non-Talend "regular old svn client" clients?
As an SVN best practice - Do you need to do anything to delete the branch/mark it complete?
I am using TAC 5.1.1
Thanks. Once I get an answer on this simple case, I'll post a couple more complex scenarios.
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Re: simplest SVN branch/merge walkthru

Talend does not support merge. The documentation is not clear about this.
Any merge you wish to do will need to be manual job changes. Branching is not very helpful when you wish to try out some bugfix and then merge it back as would be typical for version control.
A more useful way to use Branches is to keep dev / prod in a single project in separate branches. But then you still need to import/export to get code from one branch to another.

Re: simplest SVN branch/merge walkthru

Thank you. I figure "merge" is probably missing because of some complexity of making it work with Studio/TAC, but...
Do you know if you used external SVN tools to merge jobs from a branch back into trunk, would that likely/certainly fail? I know you'd need to get .item, .properties, .screenshot for a regular talend job. I can see any given job might refer to some item in the main repository that has changed since the job was checked out. But maybe it's worse than that, and anything you just shove in with SVN will potentially ruin your Talend repository?
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Re: simplest SVN branch/merge walkthru

I have tried this in the past with other GUI development tools that create configuration files in source control. The merge has always resulted in corrupted objects. I have not tried it with Talend. My assumption is that if it worked then Talend would tell everyone. Merge would be a great feature.
You definitely understand what is involved. Maybe you could try it and report back?
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Re: simplest SVN branch/merge walkthru

Talend Merge utility is something I am looking for actively. Parallel development has become standard practice today, Absence of Merge utility is restrictive in many ways.


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