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setting a global boolean value in a job

i have a job that requires a check on a column to see if this column is null, if the column is null i want to set the boolean value to true, and then read this boolean value somewhere else in the job i.e. set a global boolean variable and set and check the value further down the line in the job.

WHat i am actually trying to achieve is this:
read in a row, if a particular column(type) within that row is blank/null then I don't want to write a value for that column to a file, i want to leave it blank.
Is there also a way to create a hashmap on the context or something, that can store a column name and its type, so that I can do a quick lookup in a component within the job to check the column and if it is of type blob and the boolean value above is false then I dont want to output a value for it.
so something LIke this:
name age birthcert
row1: john 24 fileName.txt
name: string(DB varchar)
age: int (DB integer)
birthcert: blob
and then in a component i read in the values from a file and i want to put them into a hashmap:
Hashmap tmp = new Hashmap();
tmp.add(john, string)
tmp.add(24, int)
tmp.add(fileName.txt, blob)
In another component I want to do a check on the value of blob and if its null(not like the case above) i set a boolean value to false and not output the value to a file.
Is it possible to check in a TMap the value of a global variable (on the context perhaps) that way i can just send out a blank?
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Re: setting a global boolean value in a job

sorry i meant above if the boolean value is set to true then I dont want to output to a file.
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Re: setting a global boolean value in a job

anyone have any ideas?