send email when job is run successfull

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send email when job is run successfull


I have designed a job to import data from MySQL, and scheduled it to run every 6 hour and every time it run I need to send a email . which is not a big issue. Now what I need is

Every time the job runs and successfully 0r fail completed . it should send a mail 

for the first run:



for the second run:






and so on



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Re: send email when job is run successfull

I could think of below solution . Not sure if it will fit with your requirement.
1) tLogCatcher --> tSendMail.

2) create a job to send mail and trigger it in job conductor based on a file trigger .
Main job can put trigger file so that eMail Job can be started for each run.

3) you can create execution Plan in TAC and execute job_sendmail based on main job sucess:Failure
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