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send data one after another to three tables in cyclic order

I have one source table,the data in source table,

I have 3 target tables T1,T2 and T3. I want the output as follows.

i want to load data,  

rows from  1-100 in T1, 

101-199 in T2

200-299 in T3 

again with cyclic order 

300 -399 in T1...



How an i Achieve that in talend?

Note: I am using Mysql database.



Re: send data one after another to three tables in cyclic order



In tmysqlinput, add an additional column to group the data into different buckets.


select (@a:=@a+1)%300 bucket, emp_id from employee, (SELECT @a:= 0) AS a order by emp_id;


You need to add a tmap after tmysqlinput and connect 3 tmysqloutputs as 3 output components of tmap.


For the first output table in tamp, add a condition in expression filter input_row.bucket>=1 && input_row.bucket<=100


Similarly, for second output table,add expression     input_row.bucket>=101 && input_row.bucket<=200


For third output table, (input_row.bucket>=201 && input_row.bucket<=299) ||  input_row.bucket == 0  

Please note that in third output table, you will have an additional clause to capture records with numbers like like 300, 600, 900 etc.


This should resolve your issue.


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