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schema default values

Under what conditions can I use the schema default values?
Here's what I have done so far:
tRowGenerator: int and string variables
tmap: same fields out, but set the values to null.
In my tFileOutputDelimited I have set the default values to "10" and "default".
This doesn't pick up the defaults.
I have also tried to set the fields to nullable and non-nullable, I have tried to set the expressions in tMap to blank and have also set the values to 0 and "" but none of these pick up the defaults.
I know that I can use the ternary operator to test for null and set a default, but I just want to find out if the default schema values do work and when?
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Re: schema default values

you have to put default value into the input flow field "default".
trowgenerator don't generate a null value so do your test for example with tfixedflowInput.

but effectivly you cannot affect data with a default value into output row except with some filter or ternary method!
It sound a normal behavior ... change data with some default value when you write it, it's like prepare all your stuffs for "winter holidays" and drive to "miami beach" Smiley Happy (bad comparison's permited on Sunday !!!)
But one thing about those "null value" ... even (unfortunatly) if you have null value into your String field (!!!) with a rule "not nullable" you are able to write into some file without any alert or warning ....(see bugtrack 16629 )
So manage your "possible" null value in all cases .
hope it enlighten you Smiley Happy
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Re: schema default values

Thanks kzone,
Just to clafiry, the defaults are applied if a null is present in a non-nullable input, is that correct?
So does this apply to all input components?