same but multiple services are running in ESB

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same but multiple services are running in ESB



I'm using Talend Enterprise V 6.02

I have created my Talend ESB service and after that have published that as ESB service.


And from Tac I have deployed that service with a name "Service" in server R1. After somedays I have made some changes in my services then I re-published again and then deployed again. When I did deployment second time on the same server R, I have stopped and un-deployed the previously deployed "Service".


But what I see now, my both services are running. The one I had deployed very first time and second one as well which I had deployed after some changes. I want my only latest service to be run only.


May I know please apart from TAC where I can see my talend esb "Service" in the server R1 where I have deployed from TAC. Because my TAC is not running due server down issue.


Is there any way we could check our deployed services in ESB container( in R1 server) where we have deployed them using TAC ? Where we need to look in R1 server  for the deployed services ?

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Re: same but multiple services are running in ESB

My suggestion in this thread ( may help. Did you delete the service after undeploying it? This *may* have caused this issue. The link between TAC and what is running in the Karaf can be a little funny.