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run multiple commands via ssh

hi, i need ssh to remote server and kick off bunch of jobs using command line, the component i used is tSSH, which allows me to input multiple commands, but to make the workflow clear, i wish to have one component for each command, just wondering if there is anyway that i use some component to only create the SSH connection to remote server, then issue commands one per component. now all i can think is to have multiple tSSH that way each one has to create the connection then run the command, which is kind of waste of connection, is there other way to reach the same functions? thanks,
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Re: run multiple commands via ssh

Welcome to Talend Community!
Got you.
But for now, there isn't a component like tSSHConnection which multi tSSH can share it.
As you know, we simply run multi commands with one tSSH components.
Anyway, for any new feature, you might create issue on BugTracker.
But I don't think this feature is needed.
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Re: run multiple commands via ssh

I want to run shell command using tssh component Is it possible to run a If loop in the command box of the tssh component.