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row count from tUniqRow

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Is there any way to get the row count from tUniqRow component.

i am trying to insert the rows into delimitedoutput file and also footer will have no of rows inserted

Please let me know if its possible.


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Re: row count from tUniqRow

In the bottom left panel, titled Outline, there is an entry for each component in your job.  Expanding a component's entry will reveal the global variables exposed by the component.  tUniqRow exposes NB_Uniques should contain the number of unique values passed on to the next component.


Re: row count from tUniqRow


Here is also tFlowMeterCatcher component which catches the processing volumetric from the tFlowMeter component and passes them on to the output component.

Please take a look at component references about:TalendHelpCenter:tFlowMeterCatcher and TalendHelpCenter:tFlowMeter.

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