retrieve XML from API REST

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retrieve XML from API REST

Hi all,
I am new in Talend community. I have read the user guide and some tutorial. But I have some difficulty to solve my problem.
I must retrieve a XML file from WEB Rest Service. I had looked the componant tWebService but i can't call the web service because it's not deploy yet ... .
So I want to create job or create a new compenant which :
- Get XML file in entry.
- Check the XML file with XSD schema from the web Service (i can't call the web service but y have the XSD schema).
- Retrieve attributs.
- Store attributs in SGBD.

It's not realy complex in fact.But the main purpose is my XML file use Inheritance, and i don't how to manage it on TALEND, can we ?
For the moment I don't have find any method. I had tried to create metadata XML file with the XSD but i didn't success.
Maybe i think so much in JAVA. I want control everything at low lvl. It's strange to think at an upper lvl of interaction...
Here a sample XML:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<MyCustomer xmlns:xsi="" xsi:type="CustomerBasic" id="1" />
<MyCustomer xmlns:xsi="" xsi:type="CustomerPremium" id="2">

Here a XSD sample:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xsd:schema xmlns:xsd="" >
<!-- defini an abstract Customer -->
<xsd:complexType name="AbstractCustomer" abstract="true" >
<xsd:attribute name="id" type="xsd:string"/>
<xsd:attribute name="firstname" type="xsd:string"/>
<xsd:attribute name="lastename" type="xsd:string"/>

<xsd:complexType name="CustomerBasic">
<xsd:extension base="AbstractCustomer">


<xsd:complexType name="CustomerPremium">
<xsd:complexContent >
<xsd:extension base="AbstractCustomer">
<xsd:sequence minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1">
<xsd:element name="credits" type="xsd:string"/>

<xsd:element name="Customers">
<xsd:sequence minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded">
<xsd:element name="MyCustomer" type="AbstractCustomer"/>


Valid by site

If we can't use Inheritance, we have to create one job that check the xsi:type for each MyCustomer, and
create different process for each class which extend MyCustomer. Because in my SGBD I have to create
three tables in order to store my customers. One AbstractCustomer which have the id share(because of the integrity constraint) for tables CustomerBasic
and CustomerPremium . What do you think ?

Do you have any idea ?

Thank in advance,
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Re: retrieve XML from API REST

Is the return result of this web service is a XML file?
Or you want to get a XML respone?
1. Use tSOAP to get XML response.
2. Use tXSDValidator to validate XML file.
3. tFileInputXML to retrieve data.
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Re: retrieve XML from API REST

Yes the result is in XML.
Thank for give me a way to manage it, I will try your solution.