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restFul service

I created a restFul service endpoint using camel:restlet configured in cMessageEndpoint component.
cMessageEndpoint ("restlet:http://localhost:8045/auth") --> cprocessor --> cCXF --> cJavaDSLProcessor
I am not able to find the endpoint after executing osgi:list-endpoints
But I am able to call it from browser using http://x.x.x.x:8045/auth
When i configure "restlet:http:///auth" in cmessageendpoint and deploy, I get below error-
"Permission denied Permission denied"
Basically I do not want to configure separate port for every restlet and want it to to use container port. Also I want to list it from browser by typing http://x.x.x.x:8040/services.
Can you suggest a way?
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Re: restFul service

I am aware this post is pretty old, but I see more people looking for this topic.
/services endpoint is created by the CXF framework, therefore reusable using e.g. jaxrs component. Apparently the Restlet component leverages jetty instance itself, so we need to have it on a separate port as well :/ (please correct me if I am wrong)