[resolved] tKafkaOutput Usage

[resolved] tKafkaOutput Usage

Hello ,
I have a csv file which is as follows:
I want to push this data to my kafka topic.
I gone through the documentation and found that :
This component is an end component. It requires a tJavaRow or tJava component to transform the incoming data into serialized byte arrays.

So I have used tJavaRow and following is my job;
tFileInputDelimited --> (Main) --> tJavaRow --> (Main) --> tKafkaOutput.
I have written the following code in tJavaRow to make columns seralized byte arrays.
output_row.id = input_row.id.toString().getBytes();
output_row.first_name = input_row.first_name.getBytes();
output_row.last_name = input_row.last_name.getBytes();
output_row.email = input_row.email.getBytes();
output_row.key = input_row.key.getBytes();

I have also changed schema in tJavaRow and made each column type to byte[]
I have my job running without any errors but I don't think my tKafkaOutput is working because I am not able to see any messages in my topic.

Re: [resolved] tKafkaOutput Usage

Can you get the expected result by using tlogrow instead on console?
tFileInputDelimited --> (Main) --> tJavaRow --> (Main) --> tlogrow
Could you please post your tKafkaOutput component setting screenshot into forum?
Best regards
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