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[resolved] tJava encoding problem

I have a encoding probleme with a tJava component.
I use the tJava to read a source file (.csv) and format the structure to generate a second csv file. This job use to works in Talend v.4.2.3.
Now i'm in Talend 5.5.1 and when i check my result file with Notepad, i have "square caracters" instead of "é".
I tried to change d'encoding with the command : System.setProperty("file.encoding","ISO-8859-15") but still have the "square caracters" 
System is Windows 7, jdk1.7.0_67, Talend 5.5.1
Any idea ?
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Re: [resolved] tJava encoding problem

I found the solution, i add the encoding type "ISO-8859-15"  in the InputStreamReader and OutputStreamWriter like this:
InputStreamReader ipsr=new InputStreamReader(ips,"ISO-8859-15");
BufferedWriter bwData = new BufferedWriter(new OutputStreamWriter(new FileOutputStream(dataOutputFileName, true), "ISO-8859-15"));