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[resolved] tCheckPoint tFileExcelWorkbookOpen tFileExcelSheetInput

Hi !
(i'm french, so sorry for my bad English)
How to use tCheckPoint with tFileExcelWorkbookOpen and tFileExcelSheetInput ??
Help me please Smiley Sad

Re: [resolved] tCheckPoint tFileExcelWorkbookOpen tFileExcelSheetInput

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Re: [resolved] tCheckPoint tFileExcelWorkbookOpen tFileExcelSheetInput

Your screenshot shows mostly unconnected components.
E.g. you have an tFileExcelWorkbookOpen starting not in a clear order with tFileExcelSheetInput.
This cannot work, beside to the also unchained tCheckPoint components.
You have to connected all of them with the triggers like OnSubjobOk or OnComponentOk.
Build a real work flow. Simply adding components to your job and hope the start will happen in a order you want will not work.
I cannot see a good use case for tCheckPoint here. Usually a tCheckPoint will be put between parts of the jobs at which a job can be restarted - parts of the job can be skipped. But what do you want to skip here?