[resolved] special characters in oracle column name

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[resolved] special characters in oracle column name

I am loading data into Oracle wherein one column has ? mark in column name if i try below solutions then it gives errors.
component name: tOracleOuput
solution one: in schema define db column with "column?_Name". 
error: it will show tow compile time Syntax errors as it has double quotes around column name. 
Solution two : \"column?_Name\"
Error: Invalid Identifier. column:1 _name
Solution Three: \"\"
Error: Identifier is too long
Note. actual column name is differ than this. and below solution already tried. 
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Re: [resolved] special characters in oracle column name

Thats creasy. I would not try to find a workaround for this creasy name. You can create a view wich does nothing but change the creasy name by an alias and you can write into this view instead of the original table. This way you can give the strange name a more reasonable name.
create or replace view TABLE_HELPER_VIEW as
select column?_name as column_name from strange_table
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Re: [resolved] special characters in oracle column name

I am counting this solution, but that option is not available for this load, best way is to rename the column, but before that i would like to try every possible alternate to complete this task.  
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Re: [resolved] special characters in oracle column name

Renaming the column has much more impact (to thing you do not know yet) than simply create a view which solves you current problem and has no side effects.
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Re: [resolved] special characters in oracle column name

Hi all
I have situation that there are special characters in more than 1 column in source file , i already handled for 1 column using tReplace component but in this component we need to take columns manually and  need to mention what to be replace with original one. this is very lengthy process if we got multiple columns with multiple special characters 
I want to handle multiple columns at a time.

can you please guide me regarding this....
waiting for reply

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