[resolved] route unmarshall json with gson

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[resolved] route unmarshall json with gson

Talend ESB version : 6.1.1
I use a cJavaDSLProcessor to unmarchall json string. 
Expression : .unmarshal().json(org.apache.camel.model.dataformat.JsonLibrary.Gson, java.util.Map.class)
camel-gson library is not found in classpath. I can see it in modules view mais it's showed as "uninstalled".
How can I activate this module ?

Resolve : Help > Install Additionnal Packages
And select module "camel-gson" in cConfig component

Re: [resolved] route unmarshall json with gson

Hi gelleouet,
We see that your topic has been set as resolved. Feel free to let us know if this issue still repro on your route.
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