[resolved] import exported jobs

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[resolved] import exported jobs

I'm looking for a way to import jobs that I previously exported from a project (bidule).
Actually I had to uninstall Talend 4.01 and as a matter of fact, I forgot to save the last version of this project (bidule) located in the workspace...
Fortunately, I had previously exported all the jobs of this project as autonomous jobs.
I've reinstalled Talend but I don't kwnow how to proceed to import these jobs...
Should I create a new project with the same name (bidule) ? and then, how could I import these jobs in this new project ?
Thanks a lot for your help.
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Re: [resolved] import exported jobs

You can't import jobs that have been exported as autonomous jobs, only if you've exported job items. If you have no backup of the workspace or export of the job items then I'm afraid they're gone.
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Re: [resolved] import exported jobs

Thanks for your answer and sorry for answering so late,
actually, I found a way to, following this topic http://www.talendforge.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=8836.
1. in my new workspace named "bidule" (in the reinstalled Talend 4.01), I created a job the same name as the previous but with nothing in it
2. I quit Talend
3. I copied the files *.item and *.properties located in my previous exported job (with the same name as the new), and pasted them in Navigator-->yourProjectName-->process
4. I opened my workspace and the job (now re-filled) and could re-work on this job (starting from my previous exportation).
I did the same for the other jobs and it worked well.
Note :
- I did this with the same version of Talend than previously
- I realised that, after having worked and saved my re-worked job, if I wanted to export it in the same file as I put the previous exported jobs, I should first erase the previous export before and paste the new after. Otherwise it could add a new classification tree in my exported job file (especially when I organized the job in a different way in my new workspace= in new files in the workspace).
(I hope it is clear... if not ask me)
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Re: [resolved] import exported jobs

So you had exported the job items (by checking the "Source files" box when exporting the autonomous job). Lucky for you Smiley Happy!
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Re: [resolved] import exported jobs

well (after checking) yes indeed Smiley Very Happy
actually, the box is checked by default !
thanks a lot


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