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[resolved] dateTime problem with tXMLMap

I defined a SOAP-Webservice (tESBProviderRequest / tESBProviderResponse) that uses a tXMLMap.
In the tXMLMap I use a Payload (via "Import from Repository") from the WSDL.
One element in this WSDL is of type xsd:dateTime.
- When I send, for example, "2014-08-21T12:23:19" (which is a perfectly OK dateTime) I get the following exception:
Exception in component tXMLMap_1_TXMLMAP_OUT

java.lang.RuntimeException: Unparseable date: "2014-08-21T12:23:19"

    at routines.system.ParserUtils.parseTo_Date(
- When I send something like "2014-06-30" everything works fine.
Question: Does tXMLMap has a problem with dateTime?
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Re: [resolved] dateTime problem with tXMLMap