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[resolved] What is happening when propagating changes in context?

i´m pretty new to Talend, but i´ve already discovered and played around with the concept of "contexts". There is one thing that makes me wonder:
I assume that the variable settings in contexts are saved in some kind of java-object that ist built/populated when running a job - at least i can not find the variables values in the code of my individual jobs. If that is the case, why do i need to "propagate" changes to variable values to all my jobs? I´ve also compared a jobs code before and after propagation, and there was no difference?
What i had expected from "propagation" was that new variables in context groups were added to the jobs "containing" these groups, but that does'nt seem o happen - if i introduce a new context variable to a context group i have to add it manually to all my jobs?
Thank you in advance for enlightening me in this matter :-)
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Re: [resolved] What is happening when propagating changes in context?

If you have modified the context variable from repository, for example, modify the value of context variable,  you are required to propagate the changes to all the job which are using this variable. The context variables of a job are stored in a static file called, it is not translated in the Java code, you can find this file if you export the job script.
You have to import manually the context variables from repository.
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