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[resolved] Using static lookup tables within Jobs?

Hi there,
is there a way to use static lookup tables and make them part of the rollout package in Talend?
Here's what I mean:
I have created a Web Service with a simple Service implementation (Job Design View).
This service fetches data from a database, then performs some sorting operations, then (and only then) prioritizes the remaining items by means of a lookup table. This table is simple: 20 entries that contain a string and a numeric value. If a certain field of a data row matches one of the strings in the lookup table, the numeric value is associated with the row as "priority".
Right now, that lookuip table resides in a flat file - but Talend does not include that file in the .kar file when I build the service.
So I am wondering if there is a component which acts an can be used like a table or flat file but whose values can be set "like in Excel" and which is persisted in the job as if it was a Java array (and therefore part of the code)?

Re: [resolved] Using static lookup tables within Jobs?

Hi Matt,
I believe you can use a tFixedFlowInput for what you are doing. Define the schema then check off "Use Inline Table" and put your key/value pairs in there.