[resolved] Unparseable Date

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[resolved] Unparseable Date

11/26/2013 0:00
11/25/2013 0:00
11/22/2013 0:00
11/14/2013 0:00
11/13/2013 0:00
11/12/2013 0:00
11/4/2013 0:00
9/30/2013 0:00
9/25/2013 0:00

I am trying to parse through these dates defined as string at the data source level. 
tmap.Scheduled_Date.substring(0, 10) and then Var.var1.equals("")?null:TalendDate.parseDate("MM/dd/yyyy",Var.var1) 

Throws out an error: Unparseable date: "2013-11-26".
I want the date as MM/dd/yyyy format and no time.
Please provide your meaningful assistance.
John Doe

Re: [resolved] Unparseable Date

We see that this topic has been set as resolved. Feel free to let us know if this issue still repro on your side.
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