[resolved] Talend tutorial: Howto extract XML from XML

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[resolved] Talend tutorial: Howto extract XML from XML


I've recently written a tutorial about howto Extract XML from XML using Talend Open studio for Data Integration.
Useful for web services.
I'll be glad to hear from your comments if you need such operation or if you know other ways to do this.
The tutorial is actually in french, but it is published under Licence CC By SA so feel free to translate it and providing a link to original article.
Also, if you are interested in XML management with Talend DI, here are others tutorials, in english this time:


I also jump on the opportunity to provide you with others tutorials using Talend :





Some are in french, others in english depending of my inspiration.

They are all published under licence Licence CC By SA. So feel free to spread the world with these.
I wanted to translate them all in both french and english, but I have a leak of time.
So feel free to do it if you're inspired with.

I also wanted to post them on Talend wiki but I'm a bit disapointed regarding it:

Wiki is no more linked on Talend Forge:

  • Do you know if it will be kept ?

It is a pity shake as a good wiki is really missing to this software.
I also jump on this message to suggest the building of a kind of "Tutorials/Howto/Recipes" for Talend as we can find some on many websites for many langages (Example activestate offers many recipes for Python/Perl ...).
But if wiki is dedicated to die, this is waste of time to invest time building this on it.
The Talend Tutorial space is great, but community seems to have no control on it.

  • Are some of you interested by joigning I to build such space somewhere ?


  • Do you know a good place for this ?


  • I'm thinking of all kind of tutorials, from dummies to expert

Thanks in advance.


Re: [resolved] Talend tutorial: Howto extract XML from XML

Hi Gaël,

We see this topic has been marked as resolved. If you still have the problem, feel free to re-open it and let us know if there is any help we can give.

Best regards
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