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[resolved] Talend ESB insight using HawtIO

Hi all,
Just published a new screencast about getting realtime insight into Talend ESB deployed routes using HawtIO.
Visit youtube for HD / full screen version.
Enjoy -- Robin

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Re: [resolved] Talend ESB insight using HawtIO

Great video! Smiley Tongue Thanks for your contribution, Robin.
Best regards
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Re: [resolved] Talend ESB insight using HawtIO

Hello Robin
I did exactly the same than in your video ( with latest releases of Talend OpenStudio ESB and Hawtio, but I can't get any "activemq" nore "camel" tabs in the hawtio web console.
I read in the hawtio doc that the tabs does'nt show if activemq is not installed in the JVM. Actually, in Talend ESB directories, activemq is in a separate folder than the karaf contain. How did you manage to show your broker in hawtio ?