[resolved] TAC Database schema?

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[resolved] TAC Database schema?

The TAC web application's database holds project information in the "PROJECT" table. But I don't see any table in the database that holds information on related jobs (to the projects in the PROJECT table). Is this information not stored in the TAC database? If it's stored only in SVN, is there an easy way to query this information and collate to get a 360 view of projects & jobs & their versions that are managed by TAC?
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Re: [resolved] TAC Database schema?

There is no table to hold the jobs. The only reference to jobs are in the table executiontask. Here you can find the main job for a task.
The TAC uses the information in the directory temp in the web-application and checks out (with svn update) all sources.  
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Re: [resolved] TAC Database schema?

Thanks, Jan! I thought as much...

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