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[resolved] Search for new or modified Artikels to update in other table

I have two databases (MySQL,MSSql) with a table Article.
Before i run my other Job i made i have to make sure that MSSql db is up to date. I have to make sure that if i make a Change in MySQL table or add an article i also Need to update or insert this articles in the table on my MSSql db.
In the Picture you can see that the MySQL have 51 more rows than MSSql so it means i have 51 articles to insert.

I can use the ArtNr as a key to see if i have the Article already and if not i have to make an insert and if i already have the article i still Need to check that 3 fields havent been changed. If the MySQL Price for example is different from the Price of the same article in MSSql i have to update it with the MySQL Price.
How do i solve this in the best way guys?

Re: [resolved] Search for new or modified Artikels to update in other table

You are comparing target DB(MSSql) and source DB(MySql) to find the changed data(51 rows)?

You can also think of using tMap to inner join on your key columns for both tables and get the reject records(changed data).

Here is a CDC feature available in Talend Enterprise Subscription Version which can achieve the goal of DB

Please have a look at document:

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