[resolved] SRID is not set properly with tPostgresqlOutput

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[resolved] SRID is not set properly with tPostgresqlOutput

I have a job which read a csv file and insert all lines in a postgreSQL 9.1.8 + postgis 2.0 database.
First I used component sPostgisOutput to do the job. It worked pretty well but there was an issue which annoyed me : sPostGisOutput drop table before to recreate it. The problem is that I have a date column in csv file which must be insert in a timestamp column of the postgres table. But Talend doesn't support timestamp, so when postgis drop table, it recreate a table with date column instead of timestamp column.
I found that tPostgresOutput could handle Geometry type now. So I tried to replace sPostgis component with tPostgresOutput component, but there are none lines insert in database. I have this error instead :
"L'élément du batch 0 INSERT INTO "public"."t_measure" ("id","irsn_id","name","date_measure","value_measure","average_measure","valid","the_geom","validation") VALUES (0,1336,AGEN-IRSN - 47 ,2012-11-27 18:40:41.000000 +01:00:00,87.8,90.6179,0,GeomFromText(POINT (0.6347733736038208 44.216209411621094), 0),Validé) a été annulé. Appeler getNextException pour en connaître la cause."
With PgAdmin III, I found that insert doesn't work because SRID set is 0 instead of 4326.
But in my job, s2DPointReplacer output is with SRID "EPSG:4326" as well.
So I don't understand where is my mistake.
Do I missed some tPostgresOutput configuration?
Should I use sPostGis instead and find a way to have my timestamp as well?
Any advice will be appreciate.
PS : I'm very newby with Talend...

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Re: [resolved] SRID is not set properly with tPostgresqlOutput

The problem evolved a little.
Now, I set the RFID with sProj, but I always have the error :
"L'élément du batch 0 INSERT INTO "public"."t_measure" (,"the_geom") VALUES (,GeomFromText(POINT (0.6347733736038208 44.216209411621094), 4326)) a été annulé. Appeler getNextException pour en connaître la cause."
In debug mode, I saw that query generated is
INSERT INTO "public"."t_measure" (,"the_geom") VALUES (,GeomFromText(POINT (0.6347733736038208 44.216209411621094));
So the problem is that tPostgresqlOutput didn't set simple quote arround POINT like this :
INSERT INTO "public"."t_measure" (,"the_geom") VALUES (,GeomFromText('POINT (0.6347733736038208 44.216209411621094)');
Is this a bug of tPostgresqlOutput ?
If not, what I missed to get it work ?
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Re: [resolved] SRID is not set properly with tPostgresqlOutput

Finally I solved the problem by using tPostgresqlRow instead of tPostgresqlOutput.
I create my SQL insert manually after a tFlowToIterate.
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Re: [resolved] SRID is not set properly with tPostgresqlOutput

Hi mpellerin
I am facing the same issue. Did you find a working solution with tPostgresqlOutput in the meantime?
I am very happy if you could attach a screenshot of your working job with tPostgresqlRow.
Many thanks in advance.
Best regards,
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Re: [resolved] SRID is not set properly with tPostgresqlOutput

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