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[resolved] Reverse of Right outer Join

I have two tables (Say A and B)
Data is flowing from A to B
A--> tMap--> B
Table A has values inserted periodically. (More data from files are added to table A periodically)
Table B has values after transformation from table A.
When running the process again after A has more values added to it. I want only (A-B) values to be processed and added to table B.
One way of achieving it can be taking a reverse of Right outer join on A and B. (How to do it?)
Is there any better way to do it?
A and B has huge data. So please avoid solution with data redundancy.
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Re: [resolved] Reverse of Right outer Join

Try following
In your job
Use A as Main
B as lookup
Use Inner join and at output enable inner join reject.. this will give all the records from A which are not in B
I hope this is what you mean >> I want only (A-B) values
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Re: [resolved] Reverse of Right outer Join

Thanks Vaibhav. It did the job.