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[resolved] Rest Client disableCNCheck

I'm using TOS BD V5.5.1, I need to connect with my server API using a rest client.
With Talend BD I'm using tRESTClient to make the requests.
When I try to post something to my server the bellow error is displayed: The https URL hostname does not match the Common Name (CN) on the server certificate in the client's truststore.  Make sure server certificate is correct, or to disable this check (NOT recommended for production) set the CXF client TLS configuration property "disableCNCheck" to true.

I already tried to use the keytool to import the .cer file but it didn't work.
How can I set the disableCNCheck to true?

Re: [resolved] Rest Client disableCNCheck

If you deployed your rest client job into Talend Runtime (OSGi) container, then there is a configuration file etc/org.apache.cxf.http.conduits-common.cfg which can be used to configure cxf http conduit including disableCNCheck, keystore, etc.
Xilai Dai