[resolved] Passing configuration / parameters into Talend Job

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[resolved] Passing configuration / parameters into Talend Job

Hi Team
I'm very new to Talend, but learning fast. 
So far I've been impressed with Talend's capabilities, but I've query regarding how to pass parameters into a Talend job from an external source? In SSIS (the tool I'm most familiar with) for example you could have an XML configuration file with defined variables. This file is loaded at run time, populating the job variables and therefore the job characteristics are changed dynamically by loading different configuration files?
I've searched the forums (probably poorly) and haven't been able to find an equivalent ability within Talend?
We have a requirement to build a reusable job that dynamically drops and re-build Oracle objects (such as indexes and DB links etc). I've placed the necessary database information into control tables, with a reference key (job_id 1 = index  'ABC',  job_id 2 = indexes 'XYZ' and 'QWE' etc).
I need to pass Talend a job_id at run time, so it knows what object data to pull from the database control table and then dynamically rebuild the corresponding DB object? .
We're using the below set-up
Linux uname -r = 2.6.32-279.el6.x86_64
Talend Open Studio version = TOS_DI-20150908_1633-V6.0.1
java -version = java version "1.6.0_35"
Hopefully that makes sense?
Many thanks
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Re: [resolved] Passing configuration / parameters into Talend Job

Hi Mark. I think I understand your requirement and I believe you want to be able to pass values to context variables to a job at runtime. This can be achieved in a few ways, but using the tContextLoad component is arguably the easiest. You can store your parameter values in a database, a flat file or any other source that Talend can communicate with. I have written a tutorial which shows how to communicate with Facebook using Talend. Now this is quite a complicated process, but it does use the tContextLoad component to read parameters from a flat file (it also uses the tContextDump to output them to a file). The tutorial is here. You can download the job and explore it in your Studio, but I think you should get the idea about context variables and the tContextLoad component from just reading it. 
Good luck with your Talend journey :-)
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Re: [resolved] Passing configuration / parameters into Talend Job

Sounds very promising, thank you.


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