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[resolved] Parsing data from HTML

I have tried approaches, and to be honest, It's a pain in the ass.
I have tried the tHTMLParse custom component from the exchange but it does not help too much. 
Is there maybe a way to map the data from a html document with a XPath, like in the tfileInputXML component. maybe extracting the value of a attribute and some value of a tag. I'm supprised there is not anything like that or I'm just missing something.
also, I saw there are some other components used for this purposes, but nothing for version 5.5.1
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Re: [resolved] Parsing data from HTML

There is no a special component for extracting the value of an attribute or a tag from a html file. You can try to use tFileInputRegex to do this with regex expression.
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Re: [resolved] Parsing data from HTML

thnx. I was hoping someone would give some other answer but was aware that this will probably be the case.
thnx once again