[resolved] Parsing an MT101 Swift Message file

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[resolved] Parsing an MT101 Swift Message file

I have a scenario where I recieve MT101 Swift Message Format file , need to parse this file into Oracle Database. Is it possible to achieve this in ETL? If so, how?
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Re: [resolved] Parsing an MT101 Swift Message file

Hi Neha,
I just checked the file format at http://www.csob.cz/WebCsob/Firmy/Korporace-Instituce/w1se/w1se_Format_description_MT_101_en.pdf
As per my understanding, presently there is no straight forward way or component or metadata to parse this format using Talend.
If you want to just insert file as it is in database table, it is possible, but I don't think that this is what you want.

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