[resolved] Monitoring row In/Output

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[resolved] Monitoring row In/Output

I am working with Talend Open Studio.
Because in the Open Source version there is no real monitoring if run the transformation via JAVA+Cronjob i am trying to implement my own. I tried a lot with tlog and tflow meter but i cant figure out how i can get the outcome i wanna implement.
I am trying to implement something similar to the information i can see if i run a job within Talend Open Studio manually.
That means i wanna log how much rows are going into my components and how much row are coming out.
In the next step i wanna implement To monitor echt of my "sub"-jobs intotal when i am runing my "main"-job.
Can anyone help me with that? 
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Re: [resolved] Monitoring row In/Output

There are two possible ways:
1. Test the AMC database - the build-in method from Talend
2. Try the user component suite tJobInstance* from talend exchange:
which has different and more mature capabilities.


Re: [resolved] Monitoring row In/Output

Talend provides users with a free trial version of Talend Enterprise Data Integration. You can download it freely from: http://www.talend.com/download?qt-download_landing=2#qt-download_landing
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Re: [resolved] Monitoring row In/Output

Hi btiegel, you can do all this with the Talend Open Source edition. I have written a tutorial on this here.

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