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[resolved] Missing module ngdbc.jar

Dear experts,
Today I tried to migrate a project which was developed with TOS 5.1.1 to TOS 5.5.1. Most missing modules could be added by the wizard and a few I had to search manually. Finally only one JAR file (ngdbc.jar - its the jdbc connector for SAP HANA) is left over and I can't find it on the web or elsewhere. As my project connects with JDBC to a MSSQL server I not even use HANA!!! It seems that this library is necessary for the connection wizard.
Can anybody send me a link where to download ngdbc.jar?
Is it possible to exclude some database drivers, as SAP HANA isn't used at all?
Thanks for all hints, regards
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Re: [resolved] Missing module ngdbc.jar

Are you sure it is needed. I use TOS 5.5.1 and do not need this library for the metadata wizard. I also do not use the HANA db.
Could you post the error message or the log file?
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Re: [resolved] Missing module ngdbc.jar

With another hint I could solve the issue!!! I had a workspace-path with spaces

The missing module was marked as red but this wasn't the core of the problem. Thanks for your quick response

Re: [resolved] Missing module ngdbc.jar

For missing module error, please have a look at document TalendHelpCenter:Identify required external modules and TalendHelpCenter:Install external modules.

Best regards
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