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[resolved] Migration Windows - Linux

Hi everyone,
I actually made a Job in a VM Windows for testing, working fine.
But I'll soon have to transfer it to a Linux server.
I am going to install the Talend'Linux version on it.
Am I supposed to export the project in a zip and to import it to my Talend in Linux via the import button ?
Will I have a problem of compatibility Windows/Linux ?  
Does anybody did this before me and have some advice ?
Thanks a lot,

Re: [resolved] Migration Windows - Linux

Please see a related forum:
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Re: [resolved] Migration Windows - Linux

Actually, they are exporting the job as a script.
I want to transfer my Job from Talend(Windows) to Talend(Linux).
But the related forum can help.
If anyone else has some advice, I would be glad,
but if there is no one, I'll set it as resolved.
Anyway, thank you for helping Smiley Happy