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[resolved] Issue with file downloaded by tFTPGet

I'm having issue processing files downloaded by tFTPGET but dont have issue when I download it manually. The detailed description is as follows -
I've a job (screenshot attached- partialjob.jpg) where I do the following steps in sequence
1. Download few he5 format files using tFTPGET into a existing linux directory 
2. Then give 777 permission on the downloaded files
3. Then call custom java code which uses these files and generates a CSV file. Note that the custom java code uses third party jars which in turn use third party native libraries
4. I get the following exception - 
15/05/04 14:29:00 INFO hdf5lib.H5: HDF5 library: jhdf5
15/05/04 14:29:00 INFO hdf5lib.H5:  successfully loaded from java.library.path
FATAL ERROR:  h5libraryError: Cannot find constructor
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: <init>
at ncsa.hdf.hdf5lib.H5._H5Fopen(Native Method)
at ncsa.hdf.hdf5lib.H5.H5Fopen(
at HdfLoad.Util.GenericStringData(
at HdfLoad.FileHandler.ProcessFile(
at HdfLoad.Start.ProcessFiles(

Case 2 - 
If I manually download the files to linux and give 777 permission on them and run the same job, it works without any modification. 
Not sure what is the difference when I download manually and via talend and why it does not work the later way. Any pointers will be appreciated.


Re: [resolved] Issue with file downloaded by tFTPGet

Is it OK with you when you download files from FTP server by using the simple job:
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Re: [resolved] Issue with file downloaded by tFTPGet

Hi Sabrina,
I tried running the custom java processing code we had written in debug mode and realized that files downloaded by Talend seems to be corrupted. The processing code threw an exception saying the file is not a hierarchical file.
So the files seems to be corrupted or missing some thing. We have decided to raise an official support ticket to Talend on this.