[resolved] Ignore null values in tAggregateRow

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[resolved] Ignore null values in tAggregateRow

Please see the attached image. If it's not clear, I am trying to use tAggregateRow to find counts of all records and all non-null records in a file, grouped by fips_code. I know that ir_id is never null, but avm_point potentially has some null values. When I run this job, regardless of whether I have ignore null values checked or not, I get the full row count for each field. Am I not using ignore null values in the intended way? Any ideas how I can accomplish what I'm trying to do?
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Re: [resolved] Ignore null values in tAggregateRow

You say that you're trying to count records in a FILE? Is avm_point a String? tFileInput components generally don't ever read Strings as null but rather as empty Strings ("") ...
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Re: [resolved] Ignore null values in tAggregateRow

Oh, that makes sense. Avm_point should have been an integer. Thanks! It's good to know that strings aren't read as null, though.
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Re: [resolved] Ignore null values in tAggregateRow

If my input column is string then how can i get count(distinct) values of that column ignoring null values.
i tried with taggregaterow component, but it's reading null value as a distinct value, can you please help on this to suggest best way to handle it.

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