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[resolved] How to use the Camel Resequencer

I have queue with messages I need to reorder (of course they are already in a group and with a sequence, but the order can be 2, 1, 4, 3) . I am using a route with a cJMS.
I would like to use the camel resequencer something like:
    .resequence(header("seqnum")).stream(new StreamResequencerConfig(5000, 4000L))
I did try to design a route to be able to use it but was not able to do so.
My question is how I use a Camel resequencer? (as described in
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Re: [resolved] How to use the Camel Resequencer

I don't think this is possible inside the studio.
What you can do is like you did in Camel/Java.(Develop it with studio & make a .kar yourself Smiley Happy)
And call that "direct:" from the studio.
That need to be tested on a Runtime. Can't be tested inside the studio.