[resolved] Deployment to QA and Prod (CommandLine and MetaServletCaller)

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[resolved] Deployment to QA and Prod (CommandLine and MetaServletCaller)

Looking for advice / best practices recommendation.
Product that we use - Platform for Data Management 5.5
We have development, QA and several production sites (separate TACs).
Each production site has it's own TAC and execution servers. We are looking for a best way to script deployment of the jobs from Dev - e.g. create job files and package them locally, and then on the production site - execute script, together with another software deployments, that will import the jobs to the local TAC (together with contexts and associated files, e.g. subjobs) and schedule the execution. 
If it is a new version of existing job - TAC should of course recognize it.
Any advise will be appreciated, including links to the documentation (did not find too much)...
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Re: [resolved] Deployment to QA and Prod (CommandLine and MetaServletCaller)

Talend ships with the Repository Manager. This piece of software with a web interface can copy a job from one svn repository to another including the registration. For me this solution is not complete because we usually have some additional resource file like SQL scripts to deploy and these are outside of the scope of the Repo Manager.
One way we have found a good practice is to export the job manually from the studio into a directory and add here everything else whats needed and commit this folder with svn. Next an automated process recognize the new folder (one folder for one delivery) and imports it into the target svn and we have made some commandline scripts with automatically starts the build process.
It is a customer solution but as idea you could establish similar for you. 
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Re: [resolved] Deployment to QA and Prod (CommandLine and MetaServletCaller)

Hi Jan,
Thank you for idea!
Can you recommend any CommandLine scripting documentation or examples, in addition to "help" command?
We have large number of production sites.
We have periodically deployment of our software to those sites, and it includes different servers and components. The people that make deployments not supposed to operate talend or Repository Manager. In addition we cannot have direct connection between development site SVN and target sites. 
So those jobs deployments / import to target SVN / trigger creation need to be automatic and done by script.
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Re: [resolved] Deployment to QA and Prod (CommandLine and MetaServletCaller)

Hi, I know. This is an open issue for Talend to provide e.g. a maven nature to build the job outside the Talend universe.
Actually I am pretty convinced it is possible to make such maven nature or also a Ant task (I would prefer an Ant task because I find Ant more easy to use and with Ivy it has the same capabilities as maven).
When I am ready with my current component development I will check what necessary to build a job. It is not such a rocket science. 


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