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[resolved] Db2 connection from talend repository

Hi all,
I am trying to connect to DB2 database from Talend metadata repository (version 561 MDM with Bigdata) providing with all the details.
I am getting below error while checking the connection:
java.lang.RuntimeException: The DDM Parameter value is not supported. DDM parameter code point having unsupported value: 0x2110 DB2ConnectionCorrelator: null
at org.talend.core.model.metadata.builder.database.JDBCDriverLoader.getConnection(
at org.talend.core.model.metadata.builder.database.ExtractMetaDataUtils.connect(
at org.talend.core.model.metadata.builder.database.ExtractMetaDataFromDataBase.testConnection(
at org.talend.repository.ui.utils.ManagerConnection.check(

Can anyone help me out on this issue?

Re: [resolved] Db2 connection from talend repository

Hi Shilpa,

Can you connect to your db2  successfully through client without using Talend Tool? Could you please show us the setting screenshots of DB connection in metadata?
Best regards
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Re: [resolved] Db2 connection from talend repository

Hi Sabrina,
Yes. I am able to connect DB2 without Talend tool. Please check the screenshot of DB connection in metadata.