remove new line character from text file

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remove new line character from text file



In the middle of my text file that is the data source there is a newline character at some random points. It's produced by someone else's system and I don't have control over the format coming to me.


Normally, all my lines should start with a date format like "dd/MM/YYYY HH:mm". So Basically what I need is a way to concatenate my lines that doesn't start with a date format to the previous one.


Example of input : 

09/05/2017 16:52:51 JOB
09/05/2017 18:39:10 JOB


What I need on the output : 


09/05/2017 16:52:51 JOB_Ref_IO810 
09/05/2017 18:39:10 JOB_Ref_IO811


Any Idea on how to do this?


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Re: remove new line character from text file

Enclose the source file fields between "" like this

"09/05/2017 16:52:51" "JOB
"09/05/2017 18:39:10" "JOB

If not possible, refer yourself to this post for a more advanced solution based on tMap variables.

The 2nd approach is the way if you really want to remove the undesirable line feed.




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