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reading DBF file

I'm new to Talend
I want to read DBF files; I downloaded the tDBFInput from Talend exchange
the problem is that I don't know how many columns are in this .tbf file so how many columns shall I add in the Edit Schema editor?
when I run the job I get the below error:
Number of field descriptions in file could not be calculated.

can't Talend interpret the schema from the file?
Please advise

Re: reading DBF file

tDBFInput is a custom component written by Talend Community user and shared on Talend Exchange.
We have notified this topic to the author.
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Re: reading DBF file

Hi all,
the problem should be solved with the version 2.0 of the tDBFInput component, it's yet in the approval state by the Talend folks, however should be out within hours.
Let me know if it solve your problem
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Re: reading DBF file

Another thing, the tDBFInput version 1.0 is linked to another developer, I've already written to Talend about this, waiting for the answer yet.