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query SAP table with join

I have to extract data from 2 SAP linked tables.
BAPI function (RFC_READ_TABLE) only read Tables one by one. What is the best way to request SAP with an inner join?
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Re: query SAP table with join

At first with the new release of Talend ships a BAPI named RFC_Z_READ_TABLE which has no limits for the record length (the current you use has a limit of 512 byte).
Anyway, both BAPIs are not design to allow joins. You can build such join within SAP it self as view and retrieve these data via the BAPI or you can read both tables in separate database tables and joining them in your own database (that would my first choice).
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Re: query SAP table with join

Hi Jlolling,
Which version of Talend supports RFC_Z_READ_TABLE? I tried in Talend Open Studio 5.6 for Data Integration and it gives me below error.
Is it available in Talend 6.0 Open Studio?

Exception in component tSAPInput_1
java.lang.RuntimeException: The RFC can't support the function: RFC_Z_READ_TABLE.
at demo.saptest_0_1.saptest.tSAPInput_1Process(
at demo.saptest_0_1.saptest.runJobInTOS(
at demo.saptest_0_1.saptest.main(
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Re: query SAP table with join

I'm also facing similar issue. Could anyone respond to the same. I tried using Talend 6.0 BD Open Studio and still facing same issue.