problems with the construction of a own web service

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problems with the construction of a own web service

hallo everybody,
during my study i work for a company which operate an internetplattform.
my job is to test, whether we can use talend for several functions.
now i have some problems with the webserice and i hope somebody can help me.
1.) i have create following assemblingt
WebSerivceInput connecting with a tLogRow for the edition.
the webservice componente get the following WSDL path:
http://twinapp01/ws/Transporeon.Webservice.Tislot3/232613/BookingService.asmx?WSDL (is a internal path) with the method "SetBooking"
i have generate a schema with 3 arguments.
after the start of the service i get the following error message
Starting job webservice at 09:36 15/04/2009.Exception in component tWebServiceInput_1
java.lang.RuntimeException: Need 3 arguments!!!
at org.talend.DynamicInvoker.invokeMethod(
at org.talend.DynamicInvoker.main(
at org.talend.DynamicInvoker.main(
at test_project.webservice_0_1.webservice.tWebServiceInput_1Process(
at test_project.webservice_0_1.webservice.runJobInTOS(
at test_project.webservice_0_1.webservice.main(
Job webservice ended at 09:37 15/04/2009.
what's my problem?
where i hand over the missing argumentes for the webservice?
many thanks
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Re: problems with the construction of a own web service

java.lang.RuntimeException: Need 3 arguments!!!

The method need 3 arguments, so you need to click on '+' to add three params with its value on 'Parameter' table. The schema is used to define the return result from the method'SetBooking'.
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