problem with as400 connection (commit, rollback)

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problem with as400 connection (commit, rollback)

hi all,
I'm trying to integrate file using tas400Connection !
But in tas400Ouput component appears this errors :
Exception in component tAS400Output_1
java.sql.SQLException: Table TEST_00001 de TPARMBIB incorrecte pour cette opération.
at web_services.loadinas400_0_1.loadInAs400.tFileInputDelimited_1Process(
at web_services.loadinas400_0_1.loadInAs400.tAS400Connection_1Process(
at web_services.loadinas400_0_1.loadInAs400.runJobInTOS(
at web_services.loadinas400_0_1.loadInAs400.main(

The fact as I've never declared or instancied a {b]Table TEST_00001 as far as i remember ! Smiley Happy
And I cannot find any string like " TEST_00001" in the source code of my job ...
Where this "TEST_00001" come from so !?
is it a syntax you 're using during Talend test componenet !?
thanks for help
"Talend Open Studio"
Version: 4.0.0RC2
Build id: r38885-20100322-0244
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Re: problem with as400 connection (commit, rollback)

system i , or i , or as400 (if you are old school) defaults to max 10 char per table name maybe for compatibility with legacy code (think about RPG etc.).
I think your problem may be related to commit control on the connection setup (try to change isolation level, maybe to none).
hope it helps