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primary key in dynamic schema


             in excel file there are 5 columns in that center one(3rd column)  is my primary key.

if i want to send the datas to DATABASE using dynamic schema, how can i do this

note: the position of primary key should not be changed , it should be at center

i can able to do this job with primary key at last position and first position, but i want to know how to do this when my primary key at the center position

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Re: primary key in dynamic schema



You just have to tick the key checkbox for which so ever you want to specify as a primary key even though if it is dynamic schema, refer the pic .You can keep the previous one too i.e rollno, and it reflects at the same position only.solutionMidPrimary.png

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Re: primary key in dynamic schema


      thanks for the reply, but here, in your image all the column are in different datatypes like int, string but i want the left side of the tmap have one column and it should be of dynamic type